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Clostridioides difficile

ABSTRACT: Clostridioides difficile Genome sequencing and assembly

ORGANISM(S): Clostridioides difficile  



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Whole genome sequences of three Clade 3 Clostridium difficile strains carrying binary toxin genes in China.

Chen Rong R   Feng Yu Y   Wang Xiaohui X   Yang Jingyu J   Zhang Xiaoxia X   Lü Xiaoju X   Zong Zhiyong Z  

Scientific reports 20170306

Clostridium difficile consists of six clades but studies on Clade 3 are limited. Here, we report genome sequences of three Clade 3 C. difficile strains carrying genes encoding toxin A and B and the binary toxin. Isolates 103 and 133 (both of ST5) and isolate 106 (ST285) were recovered from three ICU patients. Whole genome sequencing using HiSeq 2500 revealed 4.1-Mb genomes with 28-29% GC content. There were ≥1,104 SNP between the isolates, suggesting they were not of a single clone. The toxin A  ...[more]

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