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Mesoplasma coleopterae strain:BARC 779

ABSTRACT: Mesoplasma coleopterae BARC 779 genome sequencing and assembly



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Taxonomic descriptions of eight new non-sterol-requiring mollicutes assigned to the genus Mesoplasma.

Tully J G JG   Whitcomb R F RF   Hackett K J KJ   Rose D L DL   Henegar R B RB   Bové J M JM   Carle P P   Williamson D L DL   Clark T B TB  

International journal of systematic bacteriology 19941001 4

Twenty mollicute strains isolated primarily from insect hosts were characterized and arranged into eight new species in the genus Mesoplasma. Morphological examination of the organisms by electron and dark-field microscopic techniques revealed that the cells of each strain were small, nonhelical, nonmotile, pleomorphic, and coccoid and that each cell was surrounded by a single cytoplasmic membrane with no evidence of a cell wall. Although the new mollicutes grew well in media containing horse or  ...[more]

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