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ABSTRACT: Ethylene responses in the alga Spirogyra pratensis



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Transcriptome Profiling of the Green Alga Spirogyra pratensis (Charophyta) Suggests an Ancestral Role for Ethylene in Cell Wall Metabolism, Photosynthesis, and Abiotic Stress Responses.

Van de Poel Bram B   Cooper Endymion D ED   Van Der Straeten Dominique D   Chang Caren C   Delwiche Charles F CF  

Plant physiology 20160803 1

It is well known that ethylene regulates a diverse set of developmental and stress-related processes in angiosperms, yet its roles in early-diverging embryophytes and algae are poorly understood. Recently, it was shown that ethylene functions as a hormone in the charophyte green alga Spirogyra pratensis Since land plants evolved from charophytes, this implies conservation of ethylene as a hormone in green plants for at least 450 million years. However, the physiological role of ethylene in charo  ...[more]

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