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Glycine max

ABSTRACT: RNA-sequencing of GmPHD6 over-expression and RNAi transgenic hairy roots and the control samples of K599

ORGANISM(S): Glycine max  



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A Histone Code Reader and a Transcriptional Activator Interact to Regulate Genes for Salt Tolerance.

Wei Wei W   Tao Jian-Jun JJ   Chen Hao-Wei HW   Li Qing-Tian QT   Zhang Wan-Ke WK   Ma Biao B   Lin Qing Q   Zhang Jin-Song JS   Chen Shou-Yi SY  

Plant physiology 20170905 3

Plant homeodomain (PHD) finger proteins are involved in various developmental processes and stress responses. They recognize and bind to epigenetically modified histone H3 tail and function as histone code readers. Here we report that GmPHD6 reads low methylated histone H3K4me0/1/2 but not H3K4me3 with its N-terminal domain instead of the PHD finger. GmPHD6 does not possess transcriptional regulatory ability but has DNA-binding ability. Through the PHD finger, GmPHD6 interacts with its coactivat  ...[more]

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