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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Expression data from intestinal dendritic cells and macrophages of VDTR mice at 4 hours post diphtheria toxin administration

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Different tissue phagocytes sample apoptotic cells to direct distinct homeostasis programs.

Cummings Ryan J RJ   Barbet Gaetan G   Bongers Gerold G   Hartmann Boris M BM   Gettler Kyle K   Muniz Luciana L   Furtado Glaucia C GC   Cho Judy J   Lira Sergio A SA   Blander J Magarian JM  

Nature 20161109 7630

Recognition and removal of apoptotic cells by professional phagocytes, including dendritic cells and macrophages, preserves immune self-tolerance and prevents chronic inflammation and autoimmune pathologies. The diverse array of phagocytes that reside within different tissues, combined with the necessarily prompt nature of apoptotic cell clearance, makes it difficult to study this process in situ. The full spectrum of functions executed by tissue-resident phagocytes in response to homeostatic ap  ...[more]

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