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Campylobacter sp. RM8970

ABSTRACT: Campylobacter sp. RM8970 Genome sequencing and assembly

ORGANISM(S): Campylobacter sp. RM8970  



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Comparative Genomic Analysis Identifies a Campylobacter Clade Deficient in Selenium Metabolism.

Miller William G WG   Yee Emma E   Lopes Bruno S BS   Chapman Mary H MH   Huynh Steven S   Bono James L JL   Parker Craig T CT   Strachan Norval J C NJC   Forbes Ken J KJ  

Genome biology and evolution 20170701 7

The nonthermotolerant Campylobacter species C. fetus, C. hyointestinalis, C. iguaniorum, and C. lanienae form a distinct phylogenetic cluster within the genus. These species are primarily isolated from foraging (swine) or grazing (e.g., cattle, sheep) animals and cause sporadic and infrequent human illness. Previous typing studies identified three putative novel C. lanienae-related taxa, based on either MLST or atpA sequence data. To further characterize these putative novel taxa and the C. fetu  ...[more]

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