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Rhizopus microsporus

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional responses of Rhizopus microsporus host and non-host isolates to physical interaction with Burkholderia endobacteria of the host

ORGANISM(S): Rhizopus microsporus  



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Lipid metabolic changes in an early divergent fungus govern the establishment of a mutualistic symbiosis with endobacteria.

Lastovetsky Olga A OA   Gaspar Maria L ML   Mondo Stephen J SJ   LaButti Kurt M KM   Sandor Laura L   Grigoriev Igor V IV   Henry Susan A SA   Pawlowska Teresa E TE  

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 20161212 52

The recent accumulation of newly discovered fungal-bacterial mutualisms challenges the paradigm that fungi and bacteria are natural antagonists. To understand the mechanisms that govern the establishment and maintenance over evolutionary time of mutualisms between fungi and bacteria, we studied a symbiosis of the fungus Rhizopus microsporus (Mucoromycotina) and its Burkholderia endobacteria. We found that nonhost R. microsporus, as well as other mucoralean fungi, interact antagonistically with e  ...[more]

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