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Coral metagenome

ABSTRACT: Bacterial Community Porites lobata coral mucus

ORGANISM(S): coral metagenome  



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Stable mucus-associated bacterial communities in bleached and healthy corals of Porites lobata from the Arabian Seas.

Hadaidi Ghaida G   Röthig Till T   Yum Lauren K LK   Ziegler Maren M   Arif Chatchanit C   Roder Cornelia C   Burt John J   Voolstra Christian R CR  

Scientific reports 20170331

Coral reefs are subject to coral bleaching manifested by the loss of endosymbiotic algae from coral host tissue. Besides algae, corals associate with bacteria. In particular, bacteria residing in the surface mucus layer are thought to mediate coral health, but their role in coral bleaching is unknown. We collected mucus from bleached and healthy Porites lobata colonies in the Persian/Arabian Gulf (PAG) and the Red Sea (RS) to investigate bacterial microbiome composition using 16S rRNA gene ampli  ...[more]

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