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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Altered expression of genes in HOXD-AS1 knockdown prostate cancer cells

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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lncRNA HOXD-AS1 Regulates Proliferation and Chemo-Resistance of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer via Recruiting WDR5.

Gu Peng P   Chen Xu X   Xie Ruihui R   Han Jinli J   Xie Weibin W   Wang Bo B   Dong Wen W   Chen Changhao C   Yang Meihua M   Jiang Junyi J   Chen Ziyue Z   Huang Jian J   Lin Tianxin T  

Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy 20170506 8

Castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) that occurs after the failure of androgen deprivation therapy is the leading cause of deaths in prostate cancer patients. Thus, there is an obvious and urgent need to fully understand the mechanism of CRPC and discover novel therapeutic targets. Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are crucial regulators in many human cancers, yet their potential roles and molecular mechanisms in CRPC are poorly understood. In this study, we discovered that an lncRNA HOXD-AS1  ...[more]

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