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Zea mays

ABSTRACT: Next Generation Sequencing Analysis of Wild Type and fl3 Transcriptomes in 10DAP(day after pollination) endosperm

ORGANISM(S): Zea mays  



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The Maize Imprinted Gene Floury3 Encodes a PLATZ Protein Required for tRNA and 5S rRNA Transcription through Interaction with RNA Polymerase III.

Li Qi Q   Wang Jiechen J   Ye Jianwei J   Zheng Xixi X   Xiang Xiaoli X   Li Changsheng C   Fu Miaomiao M   Wang Qiong Q   Zhang Zhiyong Z   Wu Yongrui Y  

The Plant cell 20170905 10

Maize (Zea mays) floury3 (fl3) is a classic semidominant negative mutant that exhibits severe defects in the endosperm but fl3 plants otherwise appear normal. We cloned the fl3 gene and determined that it encodes a PLATZ (plant AT-rich sequence and zinc binding) protein. The mutation in fl3 resulted in an Asn-to-His replacement in the conserved PLATZ domain, creating a dominant allele. Fl3 is specifically expressed in starchy endosperm cells and regulated by genomic imprinting, which leads to th  ...[more]

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