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Streptococcus pyogenes

ABSTRACT: RocA regulates gene expression in serotype M1 group A Strep (GAS, aka S. pyogenes)

ORGANISM(S): Streptococcus pyogenes  



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RocA Is an Accessory Protein to the Virulence-Regulating CovRS Two-Component System in Group A Streptococcus.

Jain Ira I   Miller Eric W EW   Danger Jessica L JL   Pflughoeft Kathryn J KJ   Sumby Paul P  

Infection and immunity 20171018 11

Regulating gene expression during infection is critical to the ability of pathogens to circumvent the immune response and cause disease. This is true for the group A Streptococcus (GAS), a pathogen that causes both invasive (e.g., necrotizing fasciitis) and noninvasive (e.g., pharyngitis) diseases. The control of virulence (CovRS) two-component system has a major role in regulating GAS virulence factor expression. The regulator of cov (RocA) protein, which is a predicted kinase, functions in an  ...[more]

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