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Vitis vinifera

ABSTRACT: Vitis vinifera resequencing

ORGANISM(S): Vitis vinifera  



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Grapevine field experiments reveal the contribution of genotype, the influence of environment and the effect of their interaction (G×E) on the berry transcriptome.

Dal Santo Silvia S   Zenoni Sara S   Sandri Marco M   De Lorenzis Gabriella G   Magris Gabriele G   De Paoli Emanuele E   Di Gaspero Gabriele G   Del Fabbro Cristian C   Morgante Michele M   Brancadoro Lucio L   Grossi Daniele D   Fasoli Marianna M   Zuccolotto Paola P   Tornielli Giovanni Battista GB   Pezzotti Mario M  

The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 20180305 6

Changes in the performance of genotypes in different environments are defined as genotype × environment (G×E) interactions. In grapevine (Vitis vinifera), complex interactions between different genotypes and climate, soil and farming practices yield unique berry qualities. However, the molecular basis of this phenomenon remains unclear. To dissect the basis of grapevine G×E interactions we characterized berry transcriptome plasticity, the genome methylation landscape and within-genotype allelic  ...[more]

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