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Mus musculus

ABSTRACT: Single cell QRT-PCR analysis of PND7 mice endometrial epithelial cells

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  



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Reconstructing Lineage Hierarchies of Mouse Uterus Epithelial Development Using Single-Cell Analysis.

Wu Bingbing B   An Chengrui C   Li Yu Y   Yin Zi Z   Gong Lin L   Li Zhenli Z   Liu Yixiao Y   Heng Boon Chin BC   Zhang Dandan D   Ouyang Hongwei H   Zou Xiaohui X  

Stem cell reports 20170615 1

The endometrial layer comprises luminal and glandular epithelia that both develop from the same simple layer of fetal uterine epithelium. Mechanisms of uterine epithelial progenitor self-renewal and differentiation are unclear. This study aims to systematically analyze the molecular and cellular mechanisms of uterine epithelial development by single-cell analysis. An integrated set of single-cell transcriptomic data of uterine epithelial progenitors and their differentiated progenies is provided  ...[more]

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