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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Early transcriptome profiling of microRNA-mediated neuronal reprogramming [RNA-seq timecourse]

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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MicroRNAs Induce a Permissive Chromatin Environment that Enables Neuronal Subtype-Specific Reprogramming of Adult Human Fibroblasts.

Abernathy Daniel G DG   Kim Woo Kyung WK   McCoy Matthew J MJ   Lake Allison M AM   Ouwenga Rebecca R   Lee Seong Won SW   Xing Xiaoyun X   Li Daofeng D   Lee Hyung Joo HJ   Heuckeroth Robert O RO   Dougherty Joseph D JD   Wang Ting T   Yoo Andrew S AS  

Cell stem cell 20170901 3

Directed reprogramming of human fibroblasts into fully differentiated neurons requires massive changes in epigenetic and transcriptional states. Induction of a chromatin environment permissive for acquiring neuronal subtype identity is therefore a major barrier to fate conversion. Here we show that the brain-enriched miRNAs miR-9/9<sup>∗</sup> and miR-124 (miR-9/9<sup>∗</sup>-124) trigger reconfiguration of chromatin accessibility, DNA methylation, and mRNA expression to induce a default neurona  ...[more]

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