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Blattella germanica strain:American Cyanamid = Orlando Normal | isolate:EBB2017

ABSTRACT: Blattella germanica strain:American Cyanamid = Orlando Normal | isolate:EBB2017 Genome sequencing and assembly

ORGANISM(S): Blattella germanica  



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Hemimetabolous genomes reveal molecular basis of termite eusociality.

Harrison Mark C MC   Jongepier Evelien E   Robertson Hugh M HM   Arning Nicolas N   Bitard-Feildel Tristan T   Chao Hsu H   Childers Christopher P CP   Dinh Huyen H   Doddapaneni Harshavardhan H   Dugan Shannon S   Gowin Johannes J   Greiner Carolin C   Han Yi Y   Hu Haofu H   Hughes Daniel S T DST   Huylmans Ann-Kathrin AK   Kemena Carsten C   Kremer Lukas P M LPM   Lee Sandra L SL   Lopez-Ezquerra Alberto A   Mallet Ludovic L   Monroy-Kuhn Jose M JM   Moser Annabell A   Murali Shwetha C SC   Muzny Donna M DM   Otani Saria S   Piulachs Maria-Dolors MD   Poelchau Monica M   Qu Jiaxin J   Schaub Florentine F   Wada-Katsumata Ayako A   Worley Kim C KC   Xie Qiaolin Q   Ylla Guillem G   Poulsen Michael M   Gibbs Richard A RA   Schal Coby C   Richards Stephen S   Belles Xavier X   Korb Judith J   Bornberg-Bauer Erich E  

Nature ecology & evolution 20180205 3

Around 150 million years ago, eusocial termites evolved from within the cockroaches, 50 million years before eusocial Hymenoptera, such as bees and ants, appeared. Here, we report the 2-Gb genome of the German cockroach, Blattella germanica, and the 1.3-Gb genome of the drywood termite Cryptotermes secundus. We show evolutionary signatures of termite eusociality by comparing the genomes and transcriptomes of three termites and the cockroach against the background of 16 other eusocial and non-eus  ...[more]

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