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Transcriptome analysis of Psoriasis

ABSTRACT: Transcriptome analysis of Psoriasis



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A Critical Role of the IL-1β-IL-1R Signaling Pathway in Skin Inflammation and Psoriasis Pathogenesis.

Cai Yihua Y   Xue Feng F   Quan Chen C   Qu Minye M   Liu Na N   Zhang Yuan Y   Fleming Chris C   Hu Xiaoling X   Zhang Huang-Ge HG   Weichselbaum Ralph R   Fu Yang-Xin YX   Tieri David D   Rouchka Eric C EC   Zheng Jie J   Yan Jun J  

The Journal of investigative dermatology 20180816 1

The IL-1 signaling pathway has been shown to play a critical role in the pathogenesis of chronic, autoinflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis. However, the exact cellular and molecular mechanisms have not been fully understood. Here, we show that IL-1β is significantly elevated in psoriatic lesional skin and imiquimod-treated mouse skin. In addition, IL-1R signaling appears to correlate with psoriasis disease progression and treatment response. IL-1 signaling in both dermal γδ T cells and o  ...[more]

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