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Biogas fermenter metagenome

ABSTRACT: Biogas reactor microbial community DNA samples

ORGANISM(S): biogas fermenter metagenome  



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Insight into Dominant Cellulolytic Bacteria from Two Biogas Digesters and Their Glycoside Hydrolase Genes.

Wei Yongjun Y   Zhou Haokui H   Zhang Jun J   Zhang Lei L   Geng Alei A   Liu Fanghua F   Zhao Guoping G   Wang Shengyue S   Zhou Zhihua Z   Yan Xing X  

PloS one 20150612 6

Diverse cellulolytic bacteria are essential for maintaining high lignocellulose degradation ability in biogas digesters. However, little was known about functional genes and gene clusters of dominant cellulolytic bacteria in biogas digesters. This is the foundation to understand lignocellulose degradation mechanisms of biogas digesters and apply these gene resource for optimizing biofuel production. A combination of metagenomic and 16S rRNA gene clone library methods was used to investigate the  ...[more]

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