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Liver transcriptome study in lambs

ABSTRACT: Liver transcriptome study in lambs



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Gene Expression and Fatty Acid Profiling in <i>Longissimus thoracis</i> Muscle, Subcutaneous Fat, and Liver of Light Lambs in Response to Concentrate or Alfalfa Grazing.

Dervishi Elda E   González-Calvo Laura L   Blanco Mireia M   Joy Margalida M   Sarto Pilar P   Martin-Hernandez R R   Ordovás Jose M JM   Serrano Magdalena M   Calvo Jorge H JH  

Frontiers in genetics 20191031

A better understanding of gene expression and metabolic pathways in response to a feeding system is critical for identifying key physiological processes and genes associated with polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) content in lamb meat. The main objective of this study was to investigate transcriptional changes in <i>L. thoracis</i> (LT) muscle, liver, and subcutaneous fat (SF) of lambs that grazed alfalfa (ALF) and concentrate-fed (CON) slaughtered at 23 kg and using the Affymetrix Ovine Gene 1.1  ...[more]

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