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MicroRNA in mouse peritoneal tissue

ABSTRACT: microRNA in mouse peritoneal tissue



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Inhibition of hyperglycolysis in mesothelial cells prevents peritoneal fibrosis.

Si Meijun M   Wang Qianqian Q   Li Yin Y   Lin Hongchun H   Luo Dan D   Luo Dan D   Zhao Wenbo W   Dou Xianrui X   Liu Jun J   Zhang Hui H   Huang Yong Y   Lou Tanqi T   Hu Zhaoyong Z   Peng Hui H  

Science translational medicine 20190601 495

Progressive peritoneal fibrosis affects patients receiving peritoneal dialysis (PD) and has no reliable treatment. The mechanisms that initiate and sustain peritoneal fibrosis remain incompletely elucidated. To overcome these problems, we developed a strategy that prevents peritoneal fibrosis by suppressing PD-stimulated mesothelial-to-mesenchymal transition (MMT). We evaluated single-cell transcriptomes of mesothelial cells obtained from normal peritoneal biopsy and effluent from PD-treated pat  ...[more]

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