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Genome-wide view of the impact of Spt5-Pol II inhibitors (SPIs) on mRNA levels [RNA-Seq 24h]

ABSTRACT: Genome-wide view of the impact of Spt5-Pol II inhibitors (SPIs) on mRNA levels [RNA-Seq 24h]



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Targeting Spt5-Pol II by Small-Molecule Inhibitors Uncouples Distinct Activities and Reveals Additional Regulatory Roles.

Bahat Anat A   Lahav Or O   Plotnikov Alexander A   Leshkowitz Dena D   Dikstein Rivka R  

Molecular cell 20190926 4

Spt5 is a conserved and essential transcription elongation factor that promotes promoter-proximal pausing, promoter escape, elongation, and mRNA processing. Spt5 plays specific roles in the transcription of inflammation and stress-induced genes and tri-nucleotide expanded-repeat genes involved in inherited neurological pathologies. Here, we report the identification of Spt5-Pol II small-molecule inhibitors (SPIs). SPIs faithfully reproduced Spt5 knockdown effects on promoter-proximal pausing, NF  ...[more]

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