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ABSTRACT: The gut microbiota changes in Chinese children with autism spectrum disorders



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Gut microbiota changes in patients with autism spectrum disorders.

Ding Xue X   Xu Yiran Y   Zhang Xiaoli X   Zhang Lingling L   Duan Guiqin G   Song Chunlan C   Li Zhenghua Z   Yang Yanyan Y   Wang Yazhe Y   Wang Xiaoyang X   Zhu Changlian C  

Journal of psychiatric research 20200718

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has a high incidence of intestinal comorbidity, indicating a strong association with gut microbiota. The purpose of this study was to characterize gut microbiota profiles in children with ASD. Seventy-seven children with ASD [33 with mild ASD and 44 with severe ASD according to the Childhood Autism Rating Scale score] and 50 age-matched healthy children were enrolled. Compared with children in the healthy control (HC) group, those in the ASD group showed higher bio  ...[more]

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