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Penicillium oxalicum 114-2

ABSTRACT: Penicillium oxalicum 114-2 Genome sequencing and assembly

ORGANISM(S): Penicillium oxalicum 114-2  



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Genomic and secretomic analyses reveal unique features of the lignocellulolytic enzyme system of Penicillium decumbens.

Liu Guodong G   Zhang Lei L   Wei Xiaomin X   Zou Gen G   Qin Yuqi Y   Ma Liang L   Li Jie J   Zheng Huajun H   Wang Shengyue S   Wang Chengshu C   Xun Luying L   Zhao Guo-Ping GP   Zhou Zhihua Z   Qu Yinbo Y  

PloS one 20130201 2

Many Penicillium species could produce extracellular enzyme systems with good lignocellulose hydrolysis performance. However, these species and their enzyme systems are still poorly understood and explored due to the lacking of genetic information. Here, we present the genomic and secretomic analyses of Penicillium decumbens that has been used in industrial production of lignocellulolytic enzymes in China for more than fifteen years. Comparative genomics analysis with the phylogenetically most s  ...[more]

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