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Kinetics of Tbet+ B cells during LCMV infection

ABSTRACT: Kinetics of Tbet+ B cells during LCMV infection



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Development of Tbet- and CD11c-expressing B cells in a viral infection requires T follicular helper cells outside of germinal centers.

Song Wenzhi W   Antao Olivia Q OQ   Condiff Emily E   Sanchez Gina M GM   Chernova Irene I   Zembrzuski Krzysztof K   Steach Holly H   Rubtsova Kira K   Angeletti Davide D   Lemenze Alexander A   Laidlaw Brian J BJ   Craft Joe J   Weinstein Jason S JS  

Immunity 20220131 2

Tbet<sup>+</sup>CD11c<sup>+</sup> B cells arise during type 1 pathogen challenge, aging, and autoimmunity in mice and humans. Here, we examined the developmental requirements of this B cell subset. In acute infection, T follicular helper (Tfh) cells, but not Th1 cells, drove Tbet<sup>+</sup>CD11c<sup>+</sup> B cell generation through proximal delivery of help. Tbet<sup>+</sup>CD11c<sup>+</sup> B cells developed prior to germinal center (GC) formation, exhibiting phenotypic and transcriptional pr  ...[more]

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