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Siraitia grosvenorii

ABSTRACT: Siraitia grosvenorii Transcriptome or Gene expression

ORGANISM(S): Siraitia grosvenorii  



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An efficient approach to finding Siraitia grosvenorii triterpene biosynthetic genes by RNA-seq and digital gene expression analysis.

Tang Qi Q   Ma Xiaojun X   Mo Changming C   Wilson Iain W IW   Song Cai C   Zhao Huan H   Yang Yanfang Y   Fu Wei W   Qiu Deyou D  

BMC genomics 20110705

BACKGROUND: Siraitia grosvenorii (Luohanguo) is an herbaceous perennial plant native to southern China and most prevalent in Guilin city. Its fruit contains a sweet, fleshy, edible pulp that is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. The major bioactive constituents in the fruit extract are the cucurbitane-type triterpene saponins known as mogrosides. Among them, mogroside V is nearly 300 times sweeter than sucrose. However, little is known about mogrosides biosynthesis in S. grosvenorii, e  ...[more]

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