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Francisella sp. TX077310 strain:TX07-7310

ABSTRACT: Francisella sp. TX077310 genome sequencing

ORGANISM(S): Francisella uliginis  



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Whole-Genome Relationships among Francisella Bacteria of Diverse Origins Define New Species and Provide Specific Regions for Detection.

Challacombe Jean F JF   Petersen Jeannine M JM   Gallegos-Graves La Verne V   Hodge David D   Pillai Segaran S   Kuske Cheryl R CR  

Applied and Environmental Microbiology 20170117 3

Francisella tularensis is a highly virulent zoonotic pathogen that causes tularemia and, because of weaponization efforts in past world wars, is considered a tier 1 biothreat agent. Detection and surveillance of F. tularensis may be confounded by the presence of uncharacterized, closely related organisms. Through DNA-based diagnostics and environmental surveys, novel clinical and environmental Francisella isolates have been obtained in recent years. Here we present 7 new Francisella genomes and  ...[more]

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