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Nannospalax galili

ABSTRACT: Nannospalax galili transcriptome project

ORGANISM(S): Nannospalax galili  



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Transcriptome sequencing of the blind subterranean mole rat, Spalax galili: utility and potential for the discovery of novel evolutionary patterns.

Malik Assaf A   Korol Abraham A   Hübner Sariel S   Hernandez Alvaro G AG   Thimmapuram Jyothi J   Ali Shahjahan S   Glaser Fabian F   Paz Arnon A   Avivi Aaron A   Band Mark M  

PloS one 20110812 8

The blind subterranean mole rat (Spalax ehrenbergi superspecies) is a model animal for survival under extreme environments due to its ability to live in underground habitats under severe hypoxic stress and darkness. Here we report the transcriptome sequencing of Spalax galili, a chromosomal type of S. ehrenbergi. cDNA pools from muscle and brain tissues isolated from animals exposed to hypoxic and normoxic conditions were sequenced using Sanger, GS FLX, and GS FLX Titanium technologies. Assembly  ...[more]

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