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Permafrost metagenome

ABSTRACT: Central Alaskan Permafrost Metagenome

ORGANISM(S): permafrost metagenome  



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Metagenomic analysis of a permafrost microbial community reveals a rapid response to thaw.

Mackelprang Rachel R   Waldrop Mark P MP   DeAngelis Kristen M KM   David Maude M MM   Chavarria Krystle L KL   Blazewicz Steven J SJ   Rubin Edward M EM   Jansson Janet K JK  

Nature 20111106 7377

Permafrost contains an estimated 1672 Pg carbon (C), an amount roughly equivalent to the total currently contained within land plants and the atmosphere. This reservoir of C is vulnerable to decomposition as rising global temperatures cause the permafrost to thaw. During thaw, trapped organic matter may become more accessible for microbial degradation and result in greenhouse gas emissions. Despite recent advances in the use of molecular tools to study permafrost microbial communities, their res  ...[more]

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