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Cicer arietinum

ABSTRACT: Chickpea transcriptome pyrosequencing

ORGANISM(S): Cicer arietinum  



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Gene discovery and tissue-specific transcriptome analysis in chickpea with massively parallel pyrosequencing and web resource development.

Garg Rohini R   Patel Ravi K RK   Jhanwar Shalu S   Priya Pushp P   Bhattacharjee Annapurna A   Yadav Gitanjali G   Bhatia Sabhyata S   Chattopadhyay Debasis D   Tyagi Akhilesh K AK   Jain Mukesh M  

Plant physiology 20110608 4

Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) is an important food legume crop but lags in the availability of genomic resources. In this study, we have generated about 2 million high-quality sequences of average length of 372 bp using pyrosequencing technology. The optimization of de novo assembly clearly indicated that hybrid assembly of long-read and short-read primary assemblies gave better results. The hybrid assembly generated a set of 34,760 transcripts with an average length of 1,020 bp representing about  ...[more]

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