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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: PGA Human CD4+ Lymphocytes

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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A module-based analytical strategy to identify novel disease-associated genes shows an inhibitory role for interleukin 7 Receptor in allergic inflammation.

Mobini Reza R   Andersson Bengt A BA   Erjefält Jonas J   Hahn-Zoric Mirjana M   Langston Michael A MA   Perkins Andy D AD   Cardell Lars Olaf LO   Benson Mikael M  

BMC systems biology 20090212

The identification of novel genes by high-throughput studies of complex diseases is complicated by the large number of potential genes. However, since disease-associated genes tend to interact, one solution is to arrange them in modules based on co-expression data and known gene interactions. The hypothesis of this study was that such a module could be a) found and validated in allergic disease and b) used to find and validate one ore more novel disease-associated genes.To test these hypotheses  ...[more]

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