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Homo sapiens

ABSTRACT: Two week Storage and Rehydration of HEK 293 Cells at Ambient Temperature

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  



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Long term metabolic arrest and recovery of HEK293 spheroids involves NF-kappaB signaling and sustained JNK activation.

Jack Graham D GD   Garst James F JF   Cabrera M Carla MC   DeSantis Andrea M AM   Slaughter Stephen M SM   Jervis Jody J   Brooks Andrew I AI   Potts Malcolm M   Helm Richard F RF  

Journal of cellular physiology 20060201 2

Understanding how cells withstand a depletion of intracellular water is relevant to the study of longevity, aging, and quiescence because one consequence of air-drying is metabolic arrest. After removal of medium, HEK293 spheroids with intracellular water content of approximately 65% survived partial vacuum, with antistatic control, for weeks in the dark at 25 degrees C. In contrast, only a limited exposure of monolayers to air was lethal; the mitochondrion being a target of this stress. The pat  ...[more]

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