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Acyrthosiphon pisum

ABSTRACT: Effect of day-length shortening on gene expression on pea aphid heads

ORGANISM(S): Acyrthosiphon pisum  



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Seasonal photoperiodism regulates the expression of cuticular and signalling protein genes in the pea aphid.

Le Trionnaire G   Jaubert S   Sabater-Muñoz B   Benedetto A   Bonhomme J   Prunier-Leterme N   Martinez-Torres D   Simon JC   Tagu D  

Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 20070627 10

Seasonal photoperiodism in aphids is responsible for the spectacular switch from asexual to sexual reproduction. However, little is known on the molecular and physiological mechanisms involved in reproductive mode shift through the action of day length. Earlier works showed that aphid head, but not eyes, directly perceives the photoperiodic signal through the cuticle. In order to identify genes regulating the photoperiodic response, a 3321 cDNA microarray developed for the pea aphid, Acyrthosiph  ...[more]

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