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Regulatory T-cell LC-MSMS

ABSTRACT: In this study, the proteomes of regulatory T cells (Treg) and conventional T cells (Tconv) were compared in a quantitative proteomics approach.

INSTRUMENT(S): LTQ Orbitrap Velos

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

TISSUE(S): Spleen, Lymph Node

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Jenny Hansson  

LAB HEAD: Jeroen Krijgsveld

PROVIDER: PXD000794 | Pride | 2015-09-01


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Transcription Factor 7 Limits Regulatory T Cell Generation in the Thymus.

Barra Melanie M MM   Richards David M DM   Hansson Jenny J   Hofer Ann-Cathrin AC   Delacher Michael M   Hettinger Jan J   Krijgsveld Jeroen J   Feuerer Markus M  

Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 20150831 7

Regulatory T cells (Tregs) differentiate in the thymus, but the mechanisms that control this process are not fully understood. We generated a comprehensive quantitative and differential proteome of murine Tregs and conventional T cells. We identified 5225 proteins, 164 of which were differentially expressed in Tregs. Together with the comparative analysis of proteome and gene expression data, we identified TCF7 as a promising candidate. Genetic elimination of transcription factor 7 (TCF7) led to  ...[more]

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