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Proteome profiling of cultivated Echerichia coli isolates from Crohn's disease patients

ABSTRACT: One of the dysbioses often observed in CD patients is an increased abundance of Escherichia coli (10-100 fold compared to healthy individuals) [Gevers et al., 2014]. E. coli isolates collected from CD and healthy patients were cultivated on LB medium at aerobic conditions up to medium log phase and their total proteomes were analysed by shotgun proteomics by HPLC-MS/MS. Refs. Gevers D, Kugathasan S, Denson LA, Vazquez-Baeza Y, Van Treuren W, Ren B, et al. The treatment-naive microbiome in new-onset Crohn’s disease. 2014. Cell Host Microbe 15: 382–92.


ORGANISM(S): Escherichia Coli

DISEASE(S): Crohn's Disease

SUBMITTER: Daria Rakitina  

LAB HEAD: Gleb Yurievich Fisunov

PROVIDER: PXD010920 | Pride | 2019-08-15


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One of the dysbioses often observed in Crohn's disease (CD) patients is an increased abundance of <i>Escherichia coli</i> (10-100 fold compared to healthy individuals) (Gevers et al., 2014). The data reported is a large-scale proteome profile for <i>E. coli</i> isolates collected from CD patients and healthy individuals. 43 isolates were achieved from 30 CD patients (17 male, 12 female, median age 30) and 19 isolates from 7 healthy individuals (7 male, median age 19). Isolates were cultivated on  ...[more]

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