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Integrated analysis of label-free quantitative proteomics and bioinformatics reveal insights into signaling pathways in male breast cancer

ABSTRACT: The project contains raw and result files from a proteomic profiling of a male breast cancer (MBC) case. Label-free quantification-mass spectrometry (LFQ-MS) and bioinformatics analysis were employed to investigate the differentially expressed proteins (DEPs) among distinct tissue samples: the primary breast tumor, axillary metastatic lymph nodes and the adjacent non-tumor breast tissue. An additional proteomic comparative analysis was performed with a primary breast tumor of a female patient. A number of Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis (IPA) (QIAGEN Inc.) and functional annotation tools were used to further analyze the DEPs. Altogether, our findings revealed deregulated proteins into signaling pathways involved in the cancer development and provided a landscape of proteomic data for the MBC research.


ORGANISM(S): Homo Sapiens (human)

TISSUE(S): Breast, Lymph Node, Breast Cancer Cell

DISEASE(S): Breast Cancer

SUBMITTER: Michel Batista  

LAB HEAD: Enilze Maria de Souza Fonseca Ribeiro

PROVIDER: PXD012453 | Pride | 2021-09-08


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Male breast cancer (MBC) is a rare malignancy that accounts for about 1.8% of all breast cancer cases. In contrast to the high number of the "omics" studies in breast cancer in women, only recently molecular approaches have been performed in MBC research. High-throughput proteomics based methodologies are promisor strategies to characterize the MBC proteomic signatures and their association with clinico-pathological parameters. In this study, the label-free quantification-mass spectrometry and b  ...[more]

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