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Chicken liver TMT-based proteomics

ABSTRACT: In order to investigate the chicken SLCO1B3 gene functin on the liver metabolism, we used the Yimeng blue eggshell and brown eggshell chickens as the chicken liver SLCO1B3 gene knock-down animal to do the proteomic analysis.


ORGANISM(S): Gallus gallus  

TISSUE(S): Liver

DISEASE(S): Not Available

SUBMITTER: Jianfei Chen  

LAB HEAD: Xuemei Deng

PROVIDER: PXD022768 | Pride | 2021-09-09


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An EAV-HP insertion in the promoter region of SLCO1B3 has pleiotropic effects on chicken liver metabolism based on the transcriptome and proteome analysis.

Chen Jianfei J   Hua Guoying G   Han Deping D   Zheng Xiaotong X   Dong Xianggui X   Wang Shuxiang S   Long Junjiang J   Zheng Zhonghua Z   Wang Ailing A   Wang Jiankui J   Wang Xiaotong X   Deng Xuemei X  

Scientific reports 20210407 1

Solute carrier organic anion transporter 1B3 (SLCO1B3) is an important liver primarily highly expressed gene, its encoded protein (OATP1B3) involved in the transport of multi-specific endogenous and exogenous substances. We previously reported that an EAV-HP inserted mutation (IM+) in the 5' flanking region of SLCO1B3 was the causative mutation of chicken blue eggs, and a further research showed that IM+ significantly reduced the expression of SLCO1B3 in liver. Herein, we confirmed a cholate res  ...[more]

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