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DCas9 targeted chromatin and histone enrichment for mass spectrometry (Catchet-MS) identifies IKZF1 as a novel target for HIV-1 latency reversal

ABSTRACT: HIV-1 infected patients virally suppressed by antiviral treatment harbor a persistent reservoir of replication competent latent HIV-1 infected cells, which constitute the main roadblock to a cure. A main strategy for HIV cure aims to stimulate viral gene expression in latently infected cells so that they can be cleared. Crucial for the design of drugs referred to as “latency-reversing agents” (LRAs) is the identification of molecular targets for latency reversal. The regulatory factors physically associated with and repressing the latent HIV-1 promoter or 5’LTR would provide ideal putative molecular targets for latency reversal. However, due to technical limitations, the comprehensive and unbiased identification of host proteins associated with the latent or active integrated HIV LTR in infected cells not been possible. Here we use dCas9 targeted chromatin and histone enrichment strategy coupled to mass spectrometry (Catchet-MS), to purify the locus-associated dCas9 bait, guided downstream of the HIV-1 transcriptional start site (TSS) in latent and activated HIV-1 infected T cells to identify the 5’LTR bound latent and active regulatory complexes. Catchet-MS identified both previously described as well as novel host factors distinctly associated with the latent versus transcriptionally active HIV-1 5’LTR. Within the identified factors we find the transcription factor IKZF1 to be a novel repressor of the HIV-1 promoter required for maintenance of latency, and thus a molecular target for latency reversal. Finally, we identify the FDA approved drug, Iberdomide, which targets IKZF1 for degradation to be a novel LRA, which reversed latency in latent ex vivo HIV-1 infected primary CD4+ T cells and in cells isolated from HIV-1 infected, aviremic participants.

INSTRUMENT(S): Orbitrap Fusion Lumos

ORGANISM(S): Homo Sapiens (human)

SUBMITTER: Jeroen Demmers  

LAB HEAD: Jeroen Demmers

PROVIDER: PXD032975 | Pride | 2022-05-31


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