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MRNA-Seq of head tissue from Drosophila melanogaster

ABSTRACT: We sequenced mRNA from head tissue of females and male of Drosophila melanogaster to identify genes differentially expressed between the sexes and sex-specific alternative splicing events. For data usage terms and conditions, please refer to and Comparison of expression profiles in female and male head tissue from D. melanogaster


ORGANISM(S): Drosophila melanogaster  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-20348 | ExpressionAtlas | 2020-04-28

REPOSITORIES: ExpressionAtlas

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Comparative validation of the D. melanogaster modENCODE transcriptome annotation.

Chen Zhen-Xia ZX   Sturgill David D   Qu Jiaxin J   Jiang Huaiyang H   Park Soo S   Boley Nathan N   Suzuki Ana Maria AM   Fletcher Anthony R AR   Plachetzki David C DC   FitzGerald Peter C PC   Artieri Carlo G CG   Atallah Joel J   Barmina Olga O   Brown James B JB   Blankenburg Kerstin P KP   Clough Emily E   Dasgupta Abhijit A   Gubbala Sai S   Han Yi Y   Jayaseelan Joy C JC   Kalra Divya D   Kim Yoo-Ah YA   Kovar Christie L CL   Lee Sandra L SL   Li Mingmei M   Malley James D JD   Malone John H JH   Mathew Tittu T   Mattiuzzo Nicolas R NR   Munidasa Mala M   Muzny Donna M DM   Ongeri Fiona F   Perales Lora L   Przytycka Teresa M TM   Pu Ling-Ling LL   Robinson Garrett G   Thornton Rebecca L RL   Saada Nehad N   Scherer Steven E SE   Smith Harold E HE   Vinson Charles C   Warner Crystal B CB   Worley Kim C KC   Wu Yuan-Qing YQ   Zou Xiaoyan X   Cherbas Peter P   Kellis Manolis M   Eisen Michael B MB   Piano Fabio F   Kionte Karin K   Fitch David H DH   Sternberg Paul W PW   Cutter Asher D AD   Duff Michael O MO   Hoskins Roger A RA   Graveley Brenton R BR   Gibbs Richard A RA   Bickel Peter J PJ   Kopp Artyom A   Carninci Piero P   Celniker Susan E SE   Oliver Brian B   Richards Stephen S  

Genome Research 20140701 7

Accurate gene model annotation of reference genomes is critical for making them useful. The modENCODE project has improved the D. melanogaster genome annotation by using deep and diverse high-throughput data. Since transcriptional activity that has been evolutionarily conserved is likely to have an advantageous function, we have performed large-scale interspecific comparisons to increase confidence in predicted annotations. To support comparative genomics, we filled in divergence gaps in the Dro  ...[more]

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