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Transcription profiling of human endometrium from patients with a history of endometriosis vs. normal controls sampled at a range of menstrual cycle timepoints

ABSTRACT: The transition of regularly cycling endometrium from the proliferative or Estrogen-dominant phase of the menstrual cycle to the Progesterone-dominant Early and Mid Secretory phases requires wide-spread changes in gene expression that shift the endometrium from a proliferative capacity to a differentiated 'decidual' phenotype in preparation for implantation. This process appears delayed in women with severe endometriosis, suggestive of a progesterone resistant endometrium in this disease. Experiment Overall Design: Endometrial biopsies were obtained from women both with normal endometrial pathologies and no history of endometriosis and from women with laporoscopy proven moderate-severe stage endometriosis. Samples were collected from the Proliferative(PE), Early Secretory (ESE) and Midsecretory (MSE) phases. Samples were then processed for Total RNA isolation and Affymetrix chip hybridization.


ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

DISEASE(S): endometriosis

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-6364 | ExpressionAtlas | 2014-07-14

REPOSITORIES: ExpressionAtlas

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Gene expression analysis of endometrium reveals progesterone resistance and candidate susceptibility genes in women with endometriosis.

Burney Richard O RO   Talbi Said S   Hamilton Amy E AE   Vo Kim Chi KC   Nyegaard Mette M   Nezhat Camran R CR   Lessey Bruce A BA   Giudice Linda C LC  

Endocrinology 20070517 8

The identification of molecular differences in the endometrium of women with endometriosis is an important step toward understanding the pathogenesis of this condition and toward developing novel strategies for the treatment of associated infertility and pain. In this study, we conducted global gene expression analysis of endometrium from women with and without moderate/severe stage endometriosis and compared the gene expression signatures across various phases of the menstrual cycle. The transc  ...[more]

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