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Baugh1998 - Regulation of coagulation factor Xa by TFPI

ABSTRACT: Basic mathematical model of the formation of coagulation factor Xa involving TF:VIIa and its inhibition by TFPI.

SUBMITTER: Matthew Roberts  

PROVIDER: MODEL1807180001 | BioModels | 2018-07-18


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Regulation of extrinsic pathway factor Xa formation by tissue factor pathway inhibitor.

Baugh R J RJ   Broze G J GJ   Krishnaswamy S S  

The Journal of biological chemistry 19980201 8

Tissue factor (TF) pathway inhibitor (TFPI) regulates factor X activation through the sequential inhibition of factor Xa and the VIIa.TF complex. Factor Xa formation was studied in a purified, reconstituted system, at plasma concentrations of factor X and TFPI, saturating concentrations of factor VIIa, and increasing concentrations of TF reconstituted into phosphatidylcholine:phosphatidylserine membranes (TF/PCPS) or PC membranes (TF/PC). The initial rate of factor Xa formation was equivalent in  ...[more]

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