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Back2018 - Mechanistic PK model of Fenofibrate

ABSTRACT: A mechanistic GI absorption model for quantitatively evaluating the effects of food on fenofibrate absorption was successfully developed, and acceptable parameters were obtained. The mechanism-based PK model of fenofibrate can quantify the effects of food on drug absorption by food type and calorie content. Model is encoded by Matthew Roberts and submitted to BioModels by Krishna Tiwari

SUBMITTER: Krishna Kumar Tiwari  

PROVIDER: MODEL2003030002 | BioModels | 2020-03-05


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A mechanism-based pharmacokinetic model of fenofibrate for explaining increased drug absorption after food consumption.

Back Hyun-Moon HM   Song Byungjeong B   Pradhan Sudeep S   Chae Jung-Woo JW   Han Nayoung N   Kang Wonku W   Chang Min Jung MJ   Zheng Jiao J   Kwon Kwang-Il KI   Karlsson Mats O MO   Yun Hwi-Yeol HY  

BMC pharmacology & toxicology 20180125 1

BACKGROUND:Oral administration of drugs is convenient and shows good compliance but it can be affected by many factors in the gastrointestinal (GI) system. Consumption of food is one of the major factors affecting the GI system and consequently the absorption of drugs. The aim of this study was to develop a mechanistic GI absorption model for explaining the effect of food on fenofibrate pharmacokinetics (PK), focusing on the food type and calorie content. METHODS:Clinical data from a fenofibrate  ...[more]

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