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Whey Protein-based Enteral Nutrition Support to Improve Protein Economy in Surgical Patients

ABSTRACT: A prospective, randomized and controlled study is proposed to establish whether an enteral nutrition support regimen based on pressurized whey protein and glucose improves the postoperative utilization of amino acid substrates compared to a drink based on glucose alone. The kinetics of protein metabolism (protein breakdown, protein synthesis and amino acid oxidation) will be investigated using stable isotope methodology before and after surgery in patients undergoing colon resection. Stable isotope infusions will be conducted one week before surgery and on the second postoperative day for two hours in the fasted state and for four hours while sipping the enteral nutrition support regimen. Patients will consume one of two enteral nutrition support regimens consisting of a drink containing either pressurized whey protein and glucose or glucose alone. It is hypothesized that an enteral nutrition support regimen based on pressurized whey protein and glucose promotes positive protein balance through increased protein synthesis or reduced protein breakdown compared to glucose alone.

DISEASE(S): Protein Metabolism,Colorectal Neoplasms

PROVIDER: 2100821 | ecrin-mdr-crc |


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