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Ena-DATASET-dkfz_b062-23-02-2018-16:41:10:412-192 - samples

ABSTRACT: This dataset contains ChIP sequencing data from 24 patients. ChIP of 5–10 mg flash-frozen primary ependymoma tumour was performed using 5 mg H3K27ac antibody per ChIP experiment. The enriched DNA has been sequenced on a Illumina HiSeq2000 instrument in paired-end mode. Up to two lanes per sample have been sequenced resulting in 70 Fastq files.

PROVIDER: EGAD00001003979 | EGA |


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Therapeutic targeting of ependymoma as informed by oncogenic enhancer profiling.

Mack Stephen C SC   Pajtler Kristian W KW   Chavez Lukas L   Okonechnikov Konstantin K   Bertrand Kelsey C KC   Wang Xiuxing X   Erkek Serap S   Federation Alexander A   Song Anne A   Lee Christine C   Wang Xin X   McDonald Laura L   Morrow James J JJ   Saiakhova Alina A   Sin-Chan Patrick P   Wu Qiulian Q   Michaelraj Kulandaimanuvel Antony KA   Miller Tyler E TE   Hubert Christopher G CG   Ryzhova Marina M   Garzia Livia L   Donovan Laura L   Dombrowski Stephen S   Factor Daniel C DC   Luu Betty B   Valentim Claudia L L CLL   Gimple Ryan C RC   Morton Andrew A   Kim Leo L   Prager Briana C BC   Lee John J Y JJY   Wu Xiaochong X   Zuccaro Jennifer J   Thompson Yuan Y   Holgado Borja L BL   Reimand Jüri J   Ke Susan Q SQ   Tropper Adam A   Lai Sisi S   Vijayarajah Senthuran S   Doan Sylvia S   Mahadev Vaidehi V   Miñan Ana Fernandez AF   Gröbner Susanne N SN   Lienhard Matthias M   Zapatka Marc M   Huang Zhiqin Z   Aldape Kenneth D KD   Carcaboso Angel M AM   Houghton Peter J PJ   Keir Stephen T ST   Milde Till T   Witt Hendrik H   Li Yan Y   Li Chao-Jun CJ   Bian Xiu-Wu XW   Jones David T W DTW   Scott Ian I   Singh Sheila K SK   Huang Annie A   Dirks Peter B PB   Bouffet Eric E   Bradner James E JE   Ramaswamy Vijay V   Jabado Nada N   Rutka James T JT   Northcott Paul A PA   Lupien Mathieu M   Lichter Peter P   Korshunov Andrey A   Scacheri Peter C PC   Pfister Stefan M SM   Kool Marcel M   Taylor Michael D MD   Rich Jeremy N JN  

Nature 20171220 7686

Genomic sequencing has driven precision-based oncology therapy; however, the genetic drivers of many malignancies remain unknown or non-targetable, so alternative approaches to the identification of therapeutic leads are necessary. Ependymomas are chemotherapy-resistant brain tumours, which, despite genomic sequencing, lack effective molecular targets. Intracranial ependymomas are segregated on the basis of anatomical location (supratentorial region or posterior fossa) and further divided into d  ...[more]

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