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Chordoma Sequencing Project Whole Genome

ABSTRACT: This is a continuation of the Chordoma Sequencing Project, prelim #G0175-122-CF. All cancers arise due to somatically acquired abnormalities in DNA sequence. Systematic sequencing of cancer genomes allows acquisition of complete catalogues of all classes of somatic mutation present in cancer. These mutation catalogues will allow identification of the somatically mutated cancer genes that are operative and characterise patterns of somatic mutation that may reflect previous exogenous and endogenous mutagenic exposures. In this application, we aim to perform whole genome sequencing on 10 chordoma matched genome pairs. The Chordoma Foundation will fund the RNA Sequencing/Methylation and SNP6 costs for this project while the whole genome and library sequencing will be covered under the CGP, 2012-2013 core WTSI internal funding. An additional sequencing of three cancer cell lines will be added to this work, financed by the Chordoma Foundation. In this project, the Chordoma foundation will pay for the additional costs of methylation, RNA Seq,

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

PROVIDER: EGAS00001000409 | EGA |


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