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Heterogeneous Genomic Evolution and Immune Microenvironments in Metastatic Lung Cancer

ABSTRACT: The mechanism underlying the occurrence of lung cancer metastasis to different tissues/organs remains elusive. We investigated the genomic evolution and immune microenvironments of paired primary-metastatic tumors by employing multi-region whole-exome sequencing in 179 samples of 106 tumors from 51 lung cancer patients and subsequent immunohistochemistry assays in 70 of them. Our data revealed differences in genomic landscapes, molecular determinants, evolutionary dynamics, and lymphocyte infiltration among different metastatic sites. We demonstrated commonly late arising of metastatic seeding of lung cancer with quantitative evidence. Most distant metastases originated from independent origins of earlier lymph node spreads. Immune-heterogeneity and -homogeneity were primarily driven by arm-level and focal copy number events in primary tumors, respectively. These findings implied the combinatorial role of multiple factors in shaping patterns of dissemination and advanced the clinical evaluation and intervention of lung cancer metastasis.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

PROVIDER: EGAS00001004228 | EGA |


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