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Epigenetic analysis of TCR signaling [Dnase-Seq]

ABSTRACT: DNaseI-Sequencing of unstimulated and PMA/Ionomycin-stimulated human T-blast cells Overall design: Sequencing of DNaseI assays blast-cultured (via initial PHA stimulation) human PBMC with or without PMA+Ionomycin restimulation

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina NextSeq 500 (Homo sapiens)

SUBMITTER: Pierre Daniel Cauchy  

PROVIDER: GSE100418 | GEO | 2017-09-15



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Integration of Kinase and Calcium Signaling at the Level of Chromatin Underlies Inducible Gene Activation in T Cells.

Brignall Ruth R   Cauchy Pierre P   Bevington Sarah L SL   Gorman Bethany B   Pisco Angela O AO   Bagnall James J   Boddington Christopher C   Rowe William W   England Hazel H   Rich Kevin K   Schmidt Lorraine L   Dyer Nigel P NP   Travis Mark A MA   Ott Sascha S   Jackson Dean A DA   Cockerill Peter N PN   Paszek Pawel P  

Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 20170913 8

TCR signaling pathways cooperate to activate the inducible transcription factors NF-κB, NFAT, and AP-1. In this study, using the calcium ionophore ionomycin and/or PMA on Jurkat T cells, we show that the gene expression program associated with activation of TCR signaling is closely related to specific chromatin landscapes. We find that calcium and kinase signaling cooperate to induce chromatin remodeling at ∼2100 chromatin regions, which demonstrate enriched binding motifs for inducible factors  ...[more]

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