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Transcriptome of specific cell types residing in human subcutaneous adipose tissue

ABSTRACT: Transcriptome of specific cell types residing in human subcutaneous adipose tissue Overall design: White adipose tissue (WAT) from 3 lean and 3 overweight-obese patients was collagenase treated and adipocytes were separated from the stromal vascular fraction (SVF). SVF was then FACS sorted for the following fractions CD45-/CD34+/CD31- (progenitor), CD45+/CD14+/CD206+ (total macrophages), CD45+/CD14+/CD206+/CD11c+ (M1 macrophages), CD45+/CD14+/CD206+/CD11c- (M2 macrophages), CD45+/CD3+ (total T cells), CD45+/CD3+/CD4+/CD8- (Th T-cells), CD45+/CD3+/CD4-/CD8+ (Tc T-cells). RNA was isolated from all these fractions as well as from adipocytes and analyzed on the Affymetrix Human ClariomTMD microarray.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Clariom_D_Human] Affymetrix Human Clariom D Assay [transcript (gene) version]

SUBMITTER: Jurga Laurencikiene 

PROVIDER: GSE100795 | GEO | 2017-10-31



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Single cell transcriptomics suggest that human adipocyte progenitor cells constitute a homogeneous cell population.

Acosta Juan R JR   Joost Simon S   Karlsson Kasper K   Ehrlund Anna A   Li Xidan X   Aouadi Myriam M   Kasper Maria M   Arner Peter P   Rydén Mikael M   Laurencikiene Jurga J  

Stem cell research & therapy 20171107 1

Regulation of adipose tissue stem cells (ASCs) and adipogenesis impact the development of excess body fat-related metabolic complications. Animal studies have suggested the presence of distinct subtypes of ASCs with different differentiation properties. In addition, ASCs are becoming the biggest source of mesenchymal stem cells used in therapies, which requires deep characterization. Using unbiased single cell transcriptomics we aimed to characterize ASC populations in human subcutaneous white a  ...[more]

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