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Transcriptomic analysis of wild-type and lin-22 mutants in C.elegans

ABSTRACT: We used RNA-seq to identify gene expression changes associated with lin-22 mutations affecting seam cell pattering in C. elegans Overall design: Total RNA was extracted from synchronised C. elegans L3 larvae

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Caenorhabditis elegans)

SUBMITTER: Michalis Barkoulas  

PROVIDER: GSE101645 | GEO | 2017-07-20



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Stochastic loss and gain of symmetric divisions in the C. elegans epidermis perturbs robustness of stem cell number.

Katsanos Dimitris D   Koneru Sneha L SL   Mestek Boukhibar Lamia L   Gritti Nicola N   Ghose Ritobrata R   Appleford Peter J PJ   Doitsidou Maria M   Woollard Alison A   van Zon Jeroen S JS   Poole Richard J RJ   Barkoulas Michalis M  

PLoS biology 20171106 11

Biological systems are subject to inherent stochasticity. Nevertheless, development is remarkably robust, ensuring the consistency of key phenotypic traits such as correct cell numbers in a certain tissue. It is currently unclear which genes modulate phenotypic variability, what their relationship is to core components of developmental gene networks, and what is the developmental basis of variable phenotypes. Here, we start addressing these questions using the robust number of Caenorhabditis ele  ...[more]

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