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Immunoprofiling of CD14+ blood monocytes upon Zika virus infection

ABSTRACT: Blood CD14+ monocytes are the frontline immunomodulators categorized into classical, intermediate or non-classical subsets, subsequently differentiating into M1 pro- or M2 anti-inflammatory macrophages upon stimulation. While Zika virus (ZIKV) rapidly establishes viremia, the target cells and immune responses, particularly during pregnancy, remain elusive. Furthermore, it is unknown whether African- and Asian-lineage ZIKV have different phenotypic impacts on host immune responses. Using human blood infection, we identified CD14+ monocytes as the primary target for African- or Asian-lineage ZIKV infection. When immunoprofiles of human blood infected with ZIKV were compared, a classical/intermediate monocyte-mediated M1-skewed inflammation by African-lineage ZIKV infection was observed, in contrast to a non-classical monocyte-mediated M2-skewed immunosuppression by Asian-lineage ZIKV infection. Importantly, infection of pregnant women’s blood revealed enhanced susceptibility to ZIKV infection. Specifically, Asian-lineage ZIKV infection of pregnant women’s blood led to an exacerbated M2-skewed immunosuppression of non-classical monocytes in conjunction with global suppression of type I interferon-signaling pathway and an aberrant expression of host genes associated with pregnancy complications. 30 ZIKV+ sera from symptomatic pregnant patients also showed elevated levels of M2-skewed immunosuppressive cytokines and pregnancy complication-associated fibronectin-1. This study demonstrates the differential immunomodulatory responses of blood monocytes, particularly during pregnancy, upon infection with different lineages of ZIKV. Overall design: Whole blood infection was performed with African ZIKV (MR766) and Asian ZIKV (H/PF/2013), followed by pan monocyte isolation at 40 hours post infection (hpi). Isolated monocytes were lysed in RLT buffer at a concentration of 6500 cells/ul. A volume of 1.5 ul of cell lysate per specimen was used for NanoString nCounter assay using Human Myeloid Panel (650 genes).

INSTRUMENT(S): NanoString nCounter Human Myeloid Innate Immunity Panel

SUBMITTER: Suan-Sin Foo  

PROVIDER: GSE101718 | GEO | 2017-08-14



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