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Cell Type-specific Analysis of Transcriptome Changes in the Porcine Endometrium on Day 12 of Pregnancy

ABSTRACT: the aim of this present study was to characterize the complex transcriptome changes in different endometrial cell types during the preimplantation period for improving our understanding of localization of endometrial gene expression regulation in context of recognition of pregnancy. To do this analysis in a transcriptome-wide manner, RNA-seq was performed for samples derived from luminal epithelium (LE), glandular epithelium (GE), and stroma (S) isolated by the use of LCM Overall design: three types of endometrial cells, luminal epithelial (LE), glandular epithelial (GE), and stromal cells (S) were isolated by laser capture microdissection from endometria of Day 12 pregnant and cyclic control gilts (each group n=4), respectively, and then subjected to RNA-sequencing (RNA-Seq). The obtained datasets were compared to a RNA-Seq dataset from complete endometrial tissue samples collected in the same experiment.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Sus scrofa)

SUBMITTER: Stefan Michael Bauersachs  

PROVIDER: GSE109539 | GEO | 2018-05-31


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Cell type-specific analysis of transcriptome changes in the porcine endometrium on Day 12 of pregnancy.

Zeng Shuqin S   Bick Jochen J   Ulbrich Susanne E SE   Bauersachs Stefan S  

BMC genomics 20180614 1

BACKGROUND:Along with trophoblast elongation (Days 10 to 12), estradiol is secreted in increasing amounts for recognition of pregnancy. Endometrial secretions driven by ovarian progesterone and conceptus signals are essential for conceptus growth and development. Results of transcriptome analyses of whole endometrial tissue samples in the pig indicated the need for cell type-specific endometrial gene expression analysis for a better understanding of transcriptome changes associated with establis  ...[more]

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