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KCl depolarization-regulated genes in mouse cortical neurons

ABSTRACT: we used DNA microarray analysis to identify genes that are induced by neuronal activity in excitatory neurons at the time when inhibitory synapses are forming and maturing on them. Keywords: Primary neuron culture, depolarization, activity-dependent Overall design: We cultured cortical neurons for 7 DIV until the process of inhibitory synapse development was underway, and then depolarized the neurons with 50 mM of KCl to activate L-type voltage-sensitive calcium channels (L-VSCCs) for 0, 1 or 6 hours, the cells were lysed, mRNA isolated and hybridized to Affymetrix arrays. Data were collected from 3 independent experiments.

INSTRUMENT(S): [MOE430A] Affymetrix Mouse Expression 430A Array

ORGANISM(S): Mus Musculus

SUBMITTER: Yingxi Lin  

PROVIDER: GSE11256 | GEO | 2008-09-24



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